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Milk: Cow

Brie de Maux


This is the most well-known and appreciated Brie cheese. It is made just east of Paris, in the northern parts of Seine-et-Marne. The cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. It has a soft, creamy flavour that is slightly nutty. The soft interior is a golden yellow that is best when it has a creamy and runny texture. It has a thin, slightly reddish white mould rind. The rind is edible. This cheese belongs to the category of cheeses that are not cooked or pressed. Enjoy it just as it is, moderately aged and at room temperature.

Fat 20 %
Salt 1.8 %, heavily salted
Country of origin: France
Fleurie, Mercurey, Pomerol, Médoc and Chinon are all excellent wine choices for this cheese

De Meaux cheeses are made by farmers,
and are thus called fermier cheese, “fermier” meaning “farm”. Likewise, cheeses made by cheesemakers (laitier) are called
laitier cheese.