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Milk: Cow

Jens Langkniv’s

Danbo cheese, ripened in limestone caves

This Danish cheese has been named after the “Danish Robin Hood” of the 1600s, Jens Olesen. He was always armed with a knife and rope, which is how the cheese got its name. The literal translation of “langkniv” is “long knife”. It’s also called “cave cheese” because legend has it that Jens’ favourite hideouts were in the limestone caves of Jutland. Danbo, which is a type of Samsø cheese, is aromatic, with a robust flavour. Similar cheese are Gamle Ole and Svarta Sara. It a delicacy well worth trying!

Fat 27 %
Salt 1.9 %, heavily salted
Lactose-free, ripened at least 4 months
Country of origin: Denmark
Try it with various white wines and
strong wines